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Coccole is a boutique-laboratory founded in 1995 by the inspiration of Luisa Lattes that before in companies and then alone, has built this small business from ... fable, populated by fanciful creations for children, good taste and love for the tradition of the ancient teachers of sewing and embroidery homemade, and was finally revived thanks to the expert skill of his able hands.
This is how unique pieces, each one different from others in the name of grace and quality rather than quantity: a few heads, but all capable of satisfying the most demanding tastes Provencal-style or Old England, or simply ... Luisa style!

The work can be done on request: 3331293869.
email: coccole_lu@hotmail.it

Coccole is always available online for your children from 0 to 6 years:
sweaters, blouses, dresses, shoes, bragotti,
covers and much more to satisfy your desires...